Cube 2006/02/26 Cube Update
minicube  The Movie section of Soul Rebirth Website is opened. To reach it, go to the Project Page or click on the following cube Cube.

 Cube 2006/02/18 Cube Monthly News - February
minicube  The site of the project Soul Rebirth is available! To reach it, go to the Projet page or click on the following cube Cube.
At present, only the homepage and the Artwork section are available. The next sections available will be WIP and Video.
We wish you a good visit.
minicube  After long discussions between our levels designers and the Ceremon Team, the latter undertook a recasting of the level editor. It should be more flexible, with advantages of automatisms.
In parallel, they study the systems networks to implement a multiplayer part in the engine.
 Cube 2005/09/24 Cube Monthly News - September
minicube  After the installation of the new BrainLess-Studios site, the site of the project Soul Rebirth is in preparation. You will find there all information relating to this game, to start with its synopsis.
Many preparatory drawings and "in-game" screenshots will decorate the Pictures section of this future site. Without forgetting of course the works in progress.
Finally a a whole part of the site will be devoted to the Ceremon engine.
minicube  This September also saw the emergence of a new version of the engine making it possible to move a character. The innovations are thus the addition of the use of the keyboard and the mouse, and the application of animations to a character directed by the player.
Moreover, it is now possible for the Level designers to assemble their levels in the editor of the game, and launching the game in the levels thus created.
All these improvements are the result of a intensives work of the Ceremon team during this summer. Cheer with them, even if they remain still much to make.
minicube  We cannot finish the news of the group without speaking Media. At present, there is not section on this site to show you graphic work carried out on the project Soul Rebirth. That should be corrected with the arrival of the site devoted to this game.
If the site is made too much wait, of the images will punctually be diffused on the public forum.

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